Card Retro Squares
Cards From Africa

Card Retro Squares

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 4,3/4x6,1/4 inches Fair Trade Certified

Who made this product: Cards from Africa

Cards from Africa

Empowering Rwanda‘s orphaned families to flourish. When children are orphaned by ethnic strife, AIDS, or natural calamities, the oldest child or children must often care for their brothers and sisters, costing them their education - and their future - in the process.  In Rwanda, Cards from Africa offers these children a better way to care for their siblings.  The employment program allows them to earn a decent wage, without sacrificing their schooling, and also teaches them employable and entrepreneurial skills.  When their education and training is finished, the now-grown «children» are then equipped not just to survive, but also to thrive in normal society.  Your support allows these children to look after their families while enhancing, not diminishing, their future.

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