No Child Soldiers (CD)

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Human Rights Watch estimates that in over twenty countries around the world, children are direct participants in war. There are 200,000 to 300,000 children serving in current armed conflicts. Who will speak for these children who have lost their childhood? The "No Child Soldiers" album is filled with tracks by African artists singing with passion and African rhythm about the plight of these children.

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No Child Soldiers

Imagine being a nine-year-old in a small African village where you find life is simple but satisfying. Then one night, rebel soldiers burst into your home with a roar of gunfire, killing your mother then ripping you off your mat while you scream. Later, the soldiers threaten your life, forcing you to kidnap other children and kill adults. The subsequent daily horrors are unimaginable, and even after you make a daring escape to a relief camp, you find it difficult to shake the nightmares and terrors you experienced. But there are those willing to help you. No Child Soldiers brings together many talented African artists who share about the heart-breaking issue of children being used as soldiers. Your purchase will allow projects within African countries to continue their work aiding former child soldiers and preventing other children from being abducted.

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