Helen Mottee - The Cry (CD)

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The Cry (2005) - Helen Mottee Helen's poignant lyrics and heart-stirring melodies have already captivated thousands of listeners around the world, and earned her the title of 2001 ASA Songwriter of the Year. Track listing: 1. Little Blue Light 2. Weep 3. Frightened 4. We Should See 5. The Cry 6. Ruth 7. From My Window Sill 8. Real Gold 9. Don't Tell Me 10. This Seeking Heart

Who made this product: Helen Mottee

Helen Mottee

Refugees huddle together in tents, starving children beg loose change from passers-by and AIDS victims quietly die in huts in rural villages. These people have a small voice on the global scale. Helen Mottee has dedicated herself to shedding light on these and other situations throughout the world with her music. She gives a voice to the disenfranchised and the marginalised, and the agonies they face in today's world. Based on her personal observations, she advocates for each of these neglected people. By purchasing this CD, you help lift the voices of those who have trouble being heard.  Watch a video of one of Helen's most loved songs below:

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