Quilted Nativity Calendar

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This captivating, interactive nativity calendar is handmade in China, and features 24 fabric pockets, where 24 pieces of the nativity scene are stored. On each day approaching advent, one more figure is added. A delightful and meaningful gift for anyone, young or old, who shares a love for the Christmas story!

Who made this product: Hearts & Hands

Hearts & Hands

The deaf population of China numbers around 72 million.  Since the majority of deaf young people are unable to find adequate employment, many turn to gangs, theft, and drugs. In an effort to curb this growing trend, Hearts & Hands offers employment to deaf people in the handicrafts business. All the workers are disabled or deaf, and they are each able to learn useful skills while working in a friendly, encouraging environment. Thank you for offering your support to these people and giving them the hope they need!

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