Nativity Golden Holy Family
Nativity Golden Holy Family
Nativity Golden Holy Family
SERRV International

Nativity Golden Holy Family

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male figure :7x2 inches Female figure:6,1/2 x2 inches (123g)

Glorious  details adorn this happy family. Hand-painted, sustainably harvested alstonia scholaris wood. tallest figure: 18cm. h x 5cm. 

Created by:

Pekerti Nusantara

In many parts of Indonesia, rural families have increasingly had to migrate to find work to support their families. Pekerti, the Indonesian People's Handicraft Foundation Marketing Service, has been working since 1975 to preserve traditional Indonesian handcrafts skills and to promote income-generating projects among the rural, enabling them to remain in their villages with their families.

In 1978 they founded Pekerti Nusantara, a non-profit trading company to help artisans find markets. The income from craft production that Pekerti has generated over its 30 years of experience has become a major source of support for many families. Pekerti also offers support to artisan groups in the areas of cooperative philosophy, new product development, and financial management.

They have had programs that provide heath care, school scholarships, and loans. They encourage the use of raw materials from sustainably managed sources and provide information and projects on conservation. Serrv has worked with Pekerti since 1984, purchasing products like jewelry, musical instruments, baskets and birdhouses from natural fibers, and a variety of wood products.

Who made this product: Serrv International

Serrv International

Through their work with 90 community-based organisations in 34 countries, SERRV gives thousands of disadvantaged people the opportunity to sell their products so they can support themselves. Thank you for your purchase, which will have a direct impact on the life of the artisan and their family.

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