Necklace Layered copper Coil
Basha Enterprises Ltd

Necklace Layered copper Coil

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L 20 inches.

Copper can be cleaned by soaking in lemon juice for a few minuts and rinsie and pat dry.

Who made this product: Basha


The founder of Basha knew she had to do something when she met women living on train stations in Bangladesh, selling their bodies to survive. Today, Basha is part of a long-term programme whereby women can leave the sex industry and access education, medical support, counselling, and finally employment making beautiful jewellery which is sold all over the world. Each purchase of Basha jewellery means you’re supporting a woman in Bangladesh who now has an alternative source of income to the trauma and degradation of working in the sex industry. In the Bengali language, ‘basha’ means house and ‘asha’ means hope. Committed to Fair Trade principles, they are truly building a ‘house of hope’ for women – many of them mothers - escaping trafficking and sex work.

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