Rectangle Three Tealites red
Rectangle Three Tealites red

Rectangle Three Tealites red

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(3 layers )each layer 3,1/4x2,1/2x height 1 inch

Who made this product: Undugu Society of Kenya

Undugu Society of Kenya

Street children in Nairobi can find it impossible to break out of poverty, missing out on an education to work to survive. Undugu Society of Kenya empowers young adults from the streets and others at risk, through holistic programmes that include education and training in skills like soapstone carving. Undugu, named for the Swahili word for ‘solidarity’, is one of Africa‘s oldest and leading rehabilitation agencies for street children. Their products are made from kisii soapstone, found only in the Tabaka Hills of western Kenya and carved by hand. Your purchase supports local artisans, and the programmes that give a hand up to Nairobi‘s street youth.

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