Cotton Shawl  Rectangle Pyramid

Cotton Shawl Rectangle Pyramid

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Fringed scarf in black cotton, stitched with the dense, intricate geometric patterns traditional to Palestinian artisans. handmake cross-stitched ( 66&1/2 inch x 16inch )

Who made this product: Sunbula


Faced with the challenge of feeding a family in situations of uncertain economics and security, the women of Palestine often cannot find dignified means of earning and instead remain mired in poor living conditions. The women often have excellent talents in traditional craftwork, but do not know how to turn that into income. Sunbula, a local organisation, works alongside such groups of women or the disabled to help them learn administration skills and get access to the world market. Each product is made by hand and keeps with Palestinian tradition, a rich heritage extending through the millennia. Your purchase enables these people to support themselves and their families with dignity while preserving their native culture.

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