Earrings Zebra

Earrings Zebra

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Length: 3.8cm.

Natural Jewellery Collections are made using Craft Grade sisal discs and Nickle Free components. 

Did you Know?

One leaf can be as long as 75cm in length and can hold 200 individual fibers.

Who made this product: Tintsaba


Tintsaba products are made in Swaziland, a tiny land-locked country in southern Africa. It's a place of majestic beauty, but where poverty has its grip on the population. Only 36% of people attend high school, and around 40% of Swaziland's population is HIV-positive. Tintsaba is helping to make a difference by improving the lives of rural women in Swaziland. The jewelry they produce uses a local plant called sisal, which is harvested with minimal environmental impact and processed using very little water and no chemicals. The women who make Tintsaba's jewellery are trained to become master weavers, silversmiths or managers, giving them the chance to lift themselves and their families out of poverty.

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